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Request for Advertising/Promotion

Cypress School District offers a virtual Community Bulletin Board on its website to publicize community activities and events in lieu of hard-copy flyer distribution.  This webpage is accessible to the public via links on each school’s webpage as well as the district’s main webpage.
Advertising/Promotion Guidelines
  • Community Nonprofit Organizations: Materials from nonprofit organizations are allowed if the content is relative to children and/or education. Nonprofit status must be verified by the district before approval is granted. In some cases, a banner or poster may be approved  for display on school campuses. The location will be determined by the principal.

  • For-Profit Private Businesses: Materials advertising for-profit businesses are generally not permitted. Companies contracting with the district to provide an after-school program on one of our campuses may publicize the program to students attending that school only as part of the Use of Facilities approval process.

  • Government Agencies: Materials from district partner organizations, including city, county,  and other public education agencies, are allowed. In some cases, these materials may be distributed in hard-copy format.

  • Political Campaign Materials: Information endorsing or promoting a particular candidate or ballot issue is not permitted.
Flyer Requirements
Flyers must be provided in pdf format and include:
  • Legal name of sponsoring organization
  • Event date(s), time, location
  • Cost, if any
  • Contact information (telephone number and/or email address)
  • The following disclaimer:  This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the Cypress School District 
Submit a Request
  • Fill out a Request for Advertising/Promotion form  (Must complete all sections – incomplete forms will not be processed)

  • Attach completed request form and and flyer to an email and send to: 
If you have questions, please call (714) 220-6900.