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Student Transfers

The Cypress School District boundaries include most of Cypress as well as portions of La Palma and Buena Park. 

Per Education Code, students must have permission to attend school within a boundary area or school district other than the one in which they live. This permission is granted in the form of either an INTRADISTRICT or INTERDISTRICT transfer.

INTRADISTRICT = Transferring between schools within the Cypress School District
INTERDISTRICT = Transferring into or out of the Cypress School District

Enrollment Priority:
1.  Continuing students currently enrolled at the school
2.  New students living within the school's boundaries
3.  Sibling of a student currently in attendance
4.  District students requesting intradistrict transfers between schools
5.  Students requesting interdistrict transfers into the district

All Interdistrict transfer applications should be submitted to the Cypress School District Office located at 9470 Moody Street, Cypress.  School offices cannot process Interdistrict transfer requests. 

Transfer forms are available on the Cypress School District website, at the Cypress School District Office, and at each school site.


Transfer Schedule – 2019/20 School Year 

(Open enrollment between schools)
February 27 - April 25, 2019
Early June 2019
Interdistrict - Incoming
(Coming into Cypress School District from another school district)
February 27 - April 25, 2019
Early June 2019
Interdistrict - Outgoing
(Leaving Cypress School District)
February 27 - Ongoing Within 5 days

Transfer requests received within each of the stated time periods will be considered equally.  It is not first-come, first-served. Incoming interdistrict transfer requests submitted after the published deadline will be considered only after all timely requests have been processed and may not be decided upon until the start of the school year. 


Transfer Procedures and Forms