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Promotion, Retention, Acceleration


In the Cypress School District, we expect students to progress through each grade level within one school year. Students will be promoted from one grade level to the next by demonstrating growth in learning and meeting grade level standards of expected student achievement.



Whenever the school team and the parents agree that a student shall continue in kindergarten for an additional year, the parent signs an agreement stating that the student shall continue in kindergarten for not more than one additional school year.

Other Grade Levels

If a student is identified as performing below the minimum standard for promotion to the next grade level based on the indicators specified in Board policy, the student shall be retained in his/her current grade level unless the student's regular classroom teacher determines that retention is not the appropriate intervention for the student's academic deficiencies. Recommended interventions other than retention shall be identified to assist the student in attaining acceptable levels of academic achievement.

No student shall be retained more than once in kindergarten through sixth grade.


When high academic achievement is evident, the teacher may recommend a student for acceleration to a higher grade level. The student's maturity level shall be taken into consideration in making a determination to accelerate a student.

Acceleration from Kindergarten to First Grade

In accordance with California Education Code, any student who meets the age eligibility requirement and has completed one year of kindergarten shall be admitted to first grade unless the parent and the Superintendent or designee mutually agree that the student shall continue in kindergarten.

A student who does not meet the age eligibility requirement may be admitted to first grade at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee and with the consent of the parent upon determination that the student is ready for first-grade work, subject to the following minimum criteria:

  1. The student is at least five years of age.
  2. The student has attended a public school kindergarten for a long enough time to enable school personnel to evaluate his/her ability.
  3. The student is in the upper five percent of his/her age group in terms of academic ability.
  4. The physical development and social maturity of the student are consistent with his/her advanced academic ability.
  5. The parent of the student has filed a written statement with the district approving the placement in first grade.